Who Am I: The Tale of Dorothy

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Jun 10, 2017
Jun 10, 2017
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How do you feel if there are other personalities in your head?
Dorothy Watson, the main character of this story is a 14 years old girl who just entered middle school. She looks common to others, but in fact Dorothy has a lot of pain and wounds that peers do not have. Various events that have taken place since childhood have left a terrible trauma to Dorothy. And as the wounds continued to accumulate in the mind, Dorothy’s personality was split into several.

Alice who is as pure as child but sees a fantasy that others can’t see.
Gretel who shows hostile attitude to others with anger and madness.
Cindy who is bright and energetic, but doesn’t like current Dorothy.

If you let them leave, poor Dorothy will suffer more from multiple personality disorder.
But there is still a chance. In Dorothy’s dream, there is a place where she can talk with other personalities living in her head.
As a dream consultant, let Dorothy talk to three other characters and integrate them into Dorothy again. Through counseling, you may heal Dorothy’s disorder by identifying the relationship between Dorothy and the other three characters and increasing the ‘integrity’ of each personality.
But you may be careful. Dorothy and other three characters are very sensitive to your words. Your thoughtless choice can make characters angry and push Dorothy into greater despair.
Do not forget that only you can save Dorothy!

– Counseling/Life simulation with four personalities of 14-year-old girl
– Story events that occur differently each time players play
– 300 selective branches and various responses and changes of characters
– Stress/integrity system that player can predict personality traits and develop counseling strategies
– Dreamy 2D graphics and music expressing girl’s dreams
– Ending cards with beautiful illustrations and archives to hold them

Game playing
The player becomes a consultant and talks to four characters in Dorothy’s “dream” once a week. Counseling begins after Dorothy’s monologue about things that have happened in “reality”. Then the player chooses the character he/she wants to talk to and decides what he/she will answer. The game is done by observing the reaction of characters.
Depending on what happens in the real world and how the player responds to character’s saying, the “stress” and the “integrity” of characters will be different. The goal of the game is to maximize the integrity of Alice, Gretel and Cindy before the stress level reaches their maximum.
There are total 6 endings in the game. Experience a variety of events with Dorothy and other characters through multiple plays and collect all ending cards in the archive!



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