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Stormbound: PVP Card Battle - Where deck building for Collectible Cards and Strategic gameplay collide in unique PVP Turn-based Tactical battles.
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# fill your hand with 200+ cards.

Create a deck with potent cards and compete head-to-head against other players. Card games have many elements in common with board games, such as strategizing and tactics. Once you start playing cards in your hand, your troops come to life and begin moving on the battlefield. Your troops can’t reverse course once they start executing your orders. They travel toward their intended objectives with little delay. Upward and onward to victory!

# PLAY ON A LIVING TABLE LIVING BOARD is a valid alternate name for the table, but the alternative name is not necessary.

Strombound’s unique positional gameplay empowers players with a wide range of creative strategic actions that can lead to surprising combat combinations. The game’s gorgeous 2D and 3D artwork allows players to fully immerse themselves in the world of Strombound and play cards on the board. When playing cards on the board, the cards come to life in order to facilitate strategic cardplays. Players can drive their frontlines towards the enemy and then destroy their opponent by sneaking forces into their base to attack from the inside.

# The Kingdom War is an interstellar conflict between two planetary monarchies.

The world was once ruled by an oppressive empire. However, a powerful Storm caused their fall a long time ago. Rock islands drifted on the winds while new kingdoms rose from the ashes. The two countries Winter Pacts with each other. Big finishers are critical for any race. Start by controlling your opponent and finish with a huge bang or slow burn. The East swarm was formed from many naturally occurring insects. Undead monarchies date back to the earliest times. Due to their speed and size of their armies, they are known as The Swarm. These rulers are aggressive and powerful. IRONCLAD UNION AS A WHOLE. Ironclad’s rodents work hard; they live in one of the richest rock formations in the sky. They’re very intelligent and crafty and use constructs to get their job done. The tribes of Shadowfen are the subjects of a dark and mysterious prophecy. No one knows where they came from or how many members compose their tribes. The Ravens and Toads work together to fight against their enemies in the Shadowfen swamps. Each ally harnesses the environment as a weapon.

# In real time, players engage in player-versus-player combat.

Join a welcoming global community by engaging in Player vs. Player combat. By climbing the leaderboards, you’ll unlock new battle strategies that help you defeat opponents. When you become the top Stormbound ranked warrior, you’ll unlock incredible prizes and bragging rights.


Conquering strategists earn bigger benefits than those who aren’t as smart. In real time, battles against players from all over the world. You can collect and level up lots of different powerful cards! The amazing 2D and 3D graphics in Stormbound pull you into the game completely. Each kingdom features its own unique set of bonuses and game styles. ———

# Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Mod APK [Free purchase][Mod Menu] Features:

Sumérgete en el mundo de Stormbound, donde cuatro reinos se enfrentan por la supremacía. Crea tu mazo con cartas únicas y poderosas y enfréntate a otros jugadores en tiempo real.

Un estilo de juego innovador que combina lo mejor de los juegos de cartas coleccionables con la estrategia táctica de los juegos de mesa. Juega las cartas de tu mano para que las unidades aparezcan en el tablero y dirígelas contra la base enemiga.

*Jugabilidad táctica que favorece a los buenos estrategas
*Batallas JcJ en tiempo real contra jugadores de todo el mundo
*¡Un montón de cartas para coleccionar y mejorar!
*Increíbles gráficos en 2D y 3D que te sumergirán de lleno en el mundo de Stormbound
*Cuatro reinos distintos con ventajas y estilos de juego únicos

Ten en cuenta: Stormbound: Kingdom Wars es un juego gratuito, pero puedes adquirir objetos del juego con dinero real. Puedes desactivar las compras internas en los ajustes de tu dispositivo.

fill your hand with 200+ cards.
PLAY ON A LIVING TABLE LIVING BOARD is a valid alternate name for the table, but the alternative name is not necessary.
The Kingdom War is an interstellar conflict between two planetary monarchies.
In real time, players engage in player-versus-player combat.

# Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Brief Introduction

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