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After the resounding success of Stick War: Legacy, Stick War: Saga was born and continues to create great buzz for this game. This is a highly entertaining game with a stickman strategy game genre. In this 3rd upgraded version, Stick War: Saga becomes the hottest strategy game today. Players will team up with their teammates to attack other armies, using their talents to achieve quick victories. Let’s learn more about Stick War: Saga together!

Introduction to Stick War: Saga

What is Stick War: Saga?

Stick War: Saga is a strategy game. Players will perform battle screens depending on the requirements of the game. You can do single battles to show off your skills, or it can be a synergy with friends or other random players combined. This game has many interesting and unique features, you have to take every opportunity to wipe out the enemies to get valuable items.

Choose Battle Type

In this game, the player will be given the right to choose a specific fighting style. There are many types of combat that you can choose for yourself how to best suit. More specifically, in the single battle mode, you will be randomly matched with an opponent equal to or higher than your current level, you need to use all your weapons and strength to fight. It’s a special way of fighting Stick Wars 3, different from previous versions. In addition to single battles, players can also use group battles according to their preferences.

Out of 10 people participating in the battle, you will be able to use the pull force to suppress all the enemies. What’s even more interesting is that the purpose of this type of battle all has the same goal, which is to destroy all other groups and achieve a glorious victory.

Complete the Given Task

Stick War: Saga will have many different challenges and purposes. If you choose to play as a team, you will be able to use the power of your teammates to achieve the desired results. The most unique feature is that the game allows you to use more troops in the reserve to carry out this battle.

A surprise backup from the reserve is also an effective way to fend off an enemy siege, and can also knock them up so they can’t keep up. You can also use necessary weapons such as bombs, and grenades to detonate the enemy.

What are the Features of Stick War: Saga?

The main goal of the player in the game Stick War: Saga is to fight the enemies and get valuable items. You need to be flexible in making quick changes to the squad to send the soldiers out in the most timely and reasonable manner. Unlike the Stick War: Legacy version, players can choose single or team mode depending on their preferences as well as the goal they want to aim for.

Impressive Online Idle Battles

When playing Stick War: Saga, players will have the opportunity to participate in the best tactical battles to confront online gamers. They can choose a single-player mode or 2v2 team battle to play in a variety of ways.

With a single mode, they will play against another opponent randomly arranged from the game or against the AI. And their mission is to form a stickman squad and put it into a live match. Matches can be automated or player-controlled. So, set up the battle mode before entering this exciting battle.

The wars are limitless and players can join at any time. To get ready for battle, players will choose different stickman characters in the squad. They will automatically go to battle and the player can control any unit. But it is not a turn-based battle, meaning that the player and opponent will attack continuously until the opponent’s castle is captured. Winning will bring a lot of loot, including gold coins, items, and experience points.

Diverse Character System

Just like the previous two parts, Stick War: Saga gives gamers a super diverse character class system. In it, there are typical character classes such as archers, miners, healers, kings, and magicians. Each character class will have different advantages and disadvantages, determining their advantage on the battlefield. Besides, the character’s skill effects are also different, bringing different and unique feelings. For example, archers will attack with bows, mages will have staff with interesting magical skills, and warriors will wield knives.

In battle, each character when summoned will bring out their full potential through the player’s control. With the archer, the player controls how he moves and shoots. Meanwhile, the mage will have skills such as creating a giant bubble to cover bullets from enemies or “Snow Squall” to freeze an entire legion. Also, with the warrior, he will always attack melee, while the support stickman will have the task of recovering HP for teammates. Stickman heroes will combine or be called in turn to join the battle. Depending on the strategy of the gamer, the course of the battle will be different, thereby determining the outcome.

Unique Game Mode

Currently, Stick War: Saga has 3 main game modes including campaign, tournament, and zombies. The campaign mode will suit new players, including battles with AI. Meanwhile, the tournament mode will be a playground for confrontations between online gamers. Achievement points will be accumulated on the leaderboard. In addition, in zombie mode, players will fight a large army of zombies. Their mission is to try to survive a dangerous night

Graphics are Simple but Very Characteristic

Like its previous versions, Stick War: Saga has a simple stickman graphic style. However, this game has more maps with settings like deserts, hills, coasts, and glaciers. Besides, the game also has many unique skins to customize for your army. The effects and combat skills are also vividly described, making every match more attractive than ever. In addition, the sound is also quite great, contributing to bringing endless inspiration to players.

MOD APK version of Stick War: Saga

MOD feature

Unlocked Skins

Download for Android Stick War: Saga MOD APK

Stick War: Saga offers an exhilarating experience for players. You must engage in solo, doubles, and team battles against opponents. Acquiring valuable items adds to the excitement of these confrontations. Embrace the full range of emotions and overcome challenges in every battle.

What's new

- Translations added for many languages
- New quality settings that greatly improve frame rate for many devices
- Improved load times
- Bug fixes



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