Rogues and Raiders

Rogues and Raiders APK v1.3 Full Android Game Download For Free
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Dec 24, 2017
Dec 24, 2017
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When your last job leaves you more famous than the king, you find yourself stranded on a deserted island. But, you’ve found a way home. Through dungeons. Lots of dungeons. And the king was kind enough to fill them with most of your old associates. Par for the course in the life of a Rogue and Raider.

Pick a hero and dive into the dungeons, using your skills with weapons, potions, scrolls, along with your wit to find your way home. Make the most of your turn, positioning yourself to land the first blow, and hopefully the last blow, as you face ever increasing waves of disgruntled dungeon dwellers.

When you find yourself in a impossible situation take advantage of your puzzle solving skills and puzzle out which unidentified potion, or scroll could possibly save your life. They might give you the ability to upgrade a weapon that was on the verge of breaking, teleport to a different part of the dungeon before you find yourself surrounded, or bring you back from the brink of death. But if you fail to find your wit you might find yourself surrounded, paralyzed, with the entire dungeon crew descending on you. Life is all about choices.

– 3 characters classes with unique strengths and play-styles (Knight, Berserker, and Rogue)
– Turn based gameplay
– Unlimited randomly generated dungeons
– 4 different locations
– Tons of collectable items (Weapons, Armor, Potions, Scrolls)
– Ranged weapons, and melee weapons
– You can use everything apart from scrolls as ranged weapons by throwing them
– High-score system to keep track of your last grand effort


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