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Stay updated with Mint - your ultimate source for business news, stock market updates, and financial analysis. Available now on Google Play Store India, Mint brings you the latest in finance, economy, mutual funds, and more.
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Aug 1, 2013
May 22, 2024
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Passive income, an automatic source of revenue flowing into your wallet without demanding significant effort or time, is an aspiration for many. While there are numerous ways to generate passive income, most people opt to invest in specific sectors and let their money grow. To become a savvy investor, staying updated with the latest and most crucial information about business, banking, stocks, and bonds is essential. Today, APKGODY.COM presents Mint, an effective tool designed to help you master your investments.

Introduction to Mint

What is Mint?

Mint is a premier application providing the latest financial, economic, and market news globally. Created with the aim of delivering detailed and comprehensive information about financial markets, businesses, and significant economic events worldwide, Mint serves as an indispensable foundation for profitable investments in any field.

Latest Financial News

With Mint, you will never feel lost in the increasingly diverse and complex information landscape. The app ensures you receive continuous updates on important events, keeping you informed as soon as they happen. Mint delivers detailed information on hot deals, new innovations, major business strategies, and updates from leading enterprises, helping you stay ahead of trends and make accurate future business predictions.

Detailed Market and Stock Analysis

Mint goes beyond providing quick snippets of information. The app emphasizes detailed and in-depth analysis of events. Each article is meticulously compiled, exploring different aspects of an event to ensure you gain a comprehensive understanding and the best overview of the current situation. Data tables, charts, and thorough analysis provide a solid and detailed basis for assessing the business and market landscape before making investment decisions.

Financial Market Monitoring

Mint equips you with information on all facets of the financial markets. Whether you need details about stock rates, exchange rates, foreign exchange markets, gold prices, oil prices, energy prices, or stocks, Mint has you covered.

With the surge in cryptocurrency, Mint also caters to the need for tracking cryptocurrency wallets and the value of digital currencies. You can monitor the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and gain insights into the future of this emerging asset class.

Personalized Lists

To stay updated on investment codes you’re interested in, Mint allows you to create personalized lists for convenient tracking. This feature lets you monitor the percentage increase or decrease in stocks of the companies you follow, along with their price charts.

Additionally, Mint identifies the codes you frequently view and automatically suggests related information on the home page. Enable notifications from Mint to ensure you don’t miss any critical updates about your areas of interest. Staying informed is the first step toward smart investing.

“Mint Special” Features

Besides being a vital tool for news tracking, Mint offers several innovative features that provide unique insights into the business and financial world. The “Mint Special” feature stands out as a particularly innovative offering by the publisher.

  • Mark to Market: Analyzes business strategies and the latest updates from leading companies in India.
  • Long Story: Presents high-quality, informative articles with deep analysis of business events and trends.
  • Mint Primer: Regularly shares quality interviews with leading experts and notable figures in business and finance.

These features, along with many others, make Mint a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to delve deeper into the world of business and finance.

APK MOD version of Mint

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Mint is more than just a financial news app; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to keep you informed and ahead in the world of investments. By providing detailed news, in-depth analysis, market monitoring, personalized tracking, and unique features, Mint ensures that you have all the information you need to make informed investment decisions. Embrace Mint to transform your approach to investing and stay on top of the latest financial trends and insights.

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