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Sep 23, 2018
Sep 23, 2018
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With Hawk Chess, you can play chess against a variety of supported chess engines as well as human opponents via chess servers such as FICS.

Your feedback will be much appreciated, particularly if you find a bug or if you have any suggestions as to how Hawk Chess can be improved. Contact me directly at [email protected] and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Key Features

Play off-line

• Play against a variety of compatible UCI chess engines, including the built-in Hawk engine.
• Variable skill levels for supported engines.
• Switch engines and adjust their skill in-game.
• Variable time controls.
• Undo moves.
• Polyglot opening books.
• Gaviota and Syzygy end-game tables (3 piece included).
• Create human-only games, with a chess engine on-hand to provide hints. ★
• Create engine-only games, useful for learning and your general interest. ★
• Play multiple off-line games concurrently. ★
• Ask for hints from any installed engine. ★

Play on-line

• Play on-line via FICS.
• Challenge on-line opponents.
• Variable time controls.
• Search for and observe existing on-line games and players.
• Seek new games against on-line opponents.
• Submit, accept and decline requests to undo moves.
• Connect to multiple servers concurrently.
• Notifications for when you are challenged or when it’s your turn to play.
• Timeseal support for FICS.
• Play multiple on-line games concurrently. ★

Create, Review and Analyze

• Review and play back completed games move-by-move.
• Create and play your own positions using the board editor.
• Analyze completed games move-by-move using any installed UCI chess engine.
• Analyze completed games in their entirety using up to 4 UCI chess engines, with all analysis results displayed graphically. ★
• Import PGN game libraries for detailed review and analysis. ★
• Export games to PGN files, or FEN positions to the clipboard. ★
• Review PGN game commentary. ★

User Interface

• Navigation drawer to quickly switch between different sections of the application.
• Action bar drop down selector to quickly switch between your active games.
• 2D and 3D board layouts.
• Customizable 2D board theme and color schemes.
• Moveable 3D camera.
• Highlights for previous move and hints.
• Where applicable, highlights for legal moves and the next move.
• Show pieces captured or pieces ahead of opponent.
• Support for various screen sizes, including tablets.
• Landscape and Portrait modes.
• Mailbox for all of your pending challenges.
• Adjust many game options via your personal preferences.
• No ads in full version!.


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