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Engage in fast-paced multiplayer 3v3 PvP battle royale in cyberpunk real-time battles for a real adrenaline rush experience fighting 36 players!
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Jun 8, 2023
May 16, 2024
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Gridpunk immerses you in real-time, high-octane 3v3 battle royale matches with online players. Set in modern urban environments, the game delivers explosive, fast-paced gameplay that keeps adrenaline levels high throughout intense combat scenarios.

Introduction to Gridpunk

Gridpunk is a unique battle royale game that combines a third-person perspective with a vibrant, cyberpunk-inspired animation style. This game stands out for its fun, crazy atmosphere and engaging gameplay, offering a refreshing twist on the traditional battle royale formula.

Play with Countless Other Players

In Gridpunk, you compete against up to 36 players in each match. Form teams of three to battle against other groups or fight solo against individual players worldwide. The objective is simple: be the last team or player standing to claim victory.

The game follows classic battle royale mechanics. You team up, enter the battlefield, loot items, hunt for resources, and engage in intense combat with other teams. However, Gridpunk differentiates itself with its humorous animation graphics and modern combat vibe. The characters, regardless of who you choose, exude high-energy, futuristic combat prowess, perfectly complemented by the game’s abundance of cyberpunk-inspired weapons and equipment.

A Wealth of Weapons to Collect and Enhance Your Chances of Victory

As you control your warrior in Gridpunk, you’ll dive into battles with your teammates, spread out to loot items, and expand your arsenal with a variety of unique and powerful weapons.

Your strategy and team dynamics will influence your weapon choices. From versatile automatic rifles to long-range sniper rifles and advanced missile launchers, each weapon type offers distinct advantages in combat.

Skills are equally crucial. As you progress and defeat enemies, you unlock unique skills tied to various character classes, each offering specialized abilities. For instance, the Rockerboy class excels in stealth combat with swift movements, while the Netrunner class is adept at assassination, making them hard to counter.

Skill and Strategy Over Luck

Gridpunk emphasizes skill and strategic thinking over luck. The game features an intuitive control system, but mastering it requires strategic planning and the ability to combine various elements effectively.

Whether fighting solo or with a team, your success hinges on your strategic approach. Determine your playstyle—whether offensive, defensive, or sniping—and choose your character accordingly. When unlocking new classes, strategically upgrade your skills to enhance your character’s strengths. Team dynamics are also vital, requiring clear roles and coordinated efforts to maximize your team’s effectiveness.

Combining Elements for Success

Victory in Gridpunk depends on your ability to combine available resources—movement, skills, weapons, equipment, and unique character skins. Collecting these elements is just the beginning; knowing how and when to use them is crucial for success. Each player’s strategy will vary, making the game uniquely challenging and rewarding.

Fair Game Progression

Gridpunk ensures fairness through a logical game progression system. Players advance step by step, gradually accumulating XP from solo play and events, unlocking more advanced weapons and heavier armaments as they master basic ones.

This progression system guarantees that only dedicated and focused players become truly formidable on the battlefield. Small upgrades lead to significant advancements, ensuring a balanced and fair playing field where effort and skill are rewarded.

MOD APK version of Gridpunk

MOD feature

  • Menu
  • Unlimited Money

Download for Android Gridpunk MOD APK

Gridpunk offers a thrilling battle royale experience with a unique cyberpunk twist. With its engaging gameplay, humorous animation style, and emphasis on skill and strategy, the game provides a refreshing and entertaining challenge for players. Whether you’re teaming up with friends or battling solo, Gridpunk delivers a fair, exciting, and highly immersive combat experience. Are you ready to load your weapon and eliminate the enemy in this futuristic battlefield?

What's new

Improved hero animations: Run, Stun, Dash, Spawn gadget
Shinoken invisibility fix
New stun effect
Decreased invincibility duration on spawn for 3v3 and 5v5
Other bug fixes



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