Frostbound v1.1
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Jan 10, 2017
Jan 10, 2017
Frostbound v1.1
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This game requires a Daydream headset to play.

Frostbound is a rogue-lite atmospheric survival game where you guide a small group of elk-like creatures on an epic journey across a frozen landscape to a cursed mountain. Camp, scavenge, travel by day or by night, and survive the trek to the center of the Cursed lands, picking up clues about the curse along the way.
Key Features:
— Experience an immersive sense of scale and presence in the frozen wilderness as you direct your expedition.
— Build camps for your Elkin to rest and recover, manage your team, or risk traveling through the night.
— Each Elkin brings new skills to the expedition, enabling the construction of better, safer camps.
— Scavenge for resources, search for clues, and wait out nights haunted by dark spirits.
— Protect your Elkin from wolves at night by hunkering down, or risk traveling by night to save supplies.
— Discover clues about the story of the Curse by exploring the wilderness, and piecing together the history of the Elkin.



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