Animus – Stand Alone v1.2.2 Full
Animus Stand Alone APK OBB v1.2.2 Full Android Game Download
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Oct 17, 2019
Oct 17, 2019
Animus – Stand Alone v1.2.2 Full
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Animus Stand Alone APK – Welcome to the world of cruel dark fantasies. Take on the role of an unknown warrior in order to assemble a disjointed kingdom and subdue the forces of nightmare. Higher powers participate in your adventure, and the challenge is to gradually increase your knowledge and ultimately reconcile yourself with fate. Animus – Stand Alone is the first tactical console-quality RPG on mobile devices.

Animus Stand Alone APK – (Ire SA Edition) is the companion piece to Ire – Blood Memory.

“Countless possibilities had been while hope rose and fell, but all were beaten into the dust, bringing an end to the age of champions. The lands now lay desolate and empty but for the acrimonious shadows, enslaved in the falsehood of their own creation. Yet… there is one left wandering the lands in torturous pilgrimage, to escape this prison… or end it.”

◆◆◆Game Characteristics*
. Standalone (offline capable)
. Tactical Action(RPG)
. Linear progression
. Tense combat mechanics and boss fights
. Button mashing will get you killed
. New perspective (literal and figurative)
. New bosses and weapons
. Cutscenes
. 4 levels of difficulty: Dawn, Midday, Dusk 1~3 (Day 1 ~ Day 4) . 3 different endings (Dawn, Midday, Dusk)
. 4 area themes
. 24 main quests (per difficulty)
. 13/17 sidequests (Dawn/Midday: 13, Dusk: 17)
. 11 main boss fights (final boss in Dusk)
. MFi controller compatible

*Following updates: Weapon type and boss



7 comments on "Animus – Stand Alone v1.2.2 Full"

  1. BryanElite says:

    Tried it once again this time a bit differently but still correctly and still can’t get pass the “b” and my device is compatible with this game so that’s not the issue and yes I downloaded cache, extracted, and pasted the extracted version in OBB

    • DroidApk says:

      maybe not compatible in your device, we tested this and 100% working, if your first time to install game with cache, watch the video in FAQ

  2. BryanElite says:

    After b just getting an black screen, I downloaded the cache pasted it in OBB and still not working and I did the process correctly

  3. Animaul says:

    Cant get through only letter b then black screen

  4. Intel says:

    Moded plsssss.

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